Wrestling Clubs in Nova Scotia

If you are interested in joining a Wrestling Club in Nova Scotia please contact the representative from the club closest to your location! For additional contact information for club reps please contact us

Click on the location markers in the above map for more info.

Cape Breton Highlands Wrestling Club

Cape Breton, NS
Tommy Chubbs

Tide Wrestling Club

107 King Street. Digby, Nova Scotia
David MacNutt

Metro Amateur Wrestling Club

116 Lakeview Rd, Lakeview, NS
Morgan Marchand

Sprawlers Amateur Wrestling Club

Halifax, NS
Jonathan Roode

Club established in 2016.

Pirates Olympic Wrestling Club

Clayton Park, NS
Tammy Wiseman

Bridgewater Panthers Wrestling Club

Bridgewater, NS
Mike Garland

Club established in 2015.

South Shore Wrestling Club

Bridgewater, NS
David Braunert 902 275 7585

Club established in 2013.

Sackville Wrestling Club

Sackville, NS
Mike Lidstone

Club established in 2010.

Windsor Mat Kings

Windsor, NS
Kim Walsh

KES Website
Club established in 1994.

Sheet Harbour Wrestling Club

Sheet Harbour, NS
Chloe Kenney