Learn the oldest form of self defence!

Wrestling is an amazing sport to develop a youth's self esteem. Experienced coaches will teach youth how to wrestle in a fun yet disciplined setting. The purpose of the program is to introduce elementary aged youth to the sport and teach them the basics of the sport so as they get older they will have some experience and skills to compete at the high school level. The number one priority for the elementary aged wrestlers is to have fun!

Junior and Senior high school aged wrestlers are also taught the basics of wrestling with the goal to prepare them for local, regional, national or international competition. While developing strength, endurance and discipline youth develop self esteem in such a positive sport. This is also a great supplemental sport for other sports.

Wrestlers compete according to their gender, age and weight.

Wrestling Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development, administration and promotion of amateur wrestling in Nova Scotia.

Parent's Guide to Youth Wrestling

Of the many sports in which your child your child can participate, Wrestling is perhaps the most misrepresented, misunderstood, and underrated.

This guide will help expose the myths and uncover the benefits wrestling has to offer, and most importantly, help parents understand how this unique sport best compliments other sports choices their child makes. Read the guide: Youth Wrestling Guide (PDF - 30 pages)


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WCL Conduct policy for athletes, coaches, and officials:
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