Team NS at Canada Games

"A record-breaking Canada Games for Team Nova Scotia means the athletes and coaches will be coming back to make sports stronger than ever in the province, said the delegation head.

Team Nova Scotia placed fifth in the 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg which wrapped up Sunday, tallying the third-best medal count in the province’s history.

The athletes collected 49 medals: 13 gold, 21 silver and 15 bronze at the Games, and every athlete in the canoe and kayak competition received at least one medal.

This was the most silver medals at a Games collected by the team, beating the old mark of 18.

“It shows that Nova Scotia has a great sport system, part of very strong coaches and organizations that allow athletes from a small jurisdiction like Nova Scotia to compete with all the bigger players,” chef de mission for Team Nova Scotia, Stephen Gallant, said in a phone interview with Metro from the closing ceremonies." (By: Kashmala Fida For Metro Published on Sun Aug 13 2017)

Two medals were won by the wrestling team: Wolfville’s Makayla Levy won silver and Hannah Hubley of Sheet Harbour won bronze.

Full Canada Games Results

Female Results

38-40 kg Female
Gold – Emilee Lai (BC)
Silver – Halle Bachiu (ON)
Bronze – Maya Johnston (AB)
4th– Alexa Grimaldi (QC)

44 kg
Gold – Alexia Seal (BC)
Silver – Kenza Messaoudini (AB)
Bronze – Annabelle Boudreau (NB)
4th– Isabelle Kaulback (NS)
5th– Kelyn Young (ON)
6th– Natasha Wiebe (SK)
7th– Duyen Nguyen (MB)
8th– Rudi Smith (NL)

48 kg
Gold – Jayden Sparks (ON)
Silver – Tania Blanchard (NB)
Bronze – Xana Beran (AB)
4th– Randi Wiegers (SK)
5th– Joclyn Bhatha (BC)
6th– Jade Wilkie (NS)
7th– Alexandra MacDonald-Neves (QC)
8th- Alexandra Quinlan (NL)

52 kg
Gold – Jacqueline Lew (BC)
Silver – Samantha Romano (ON)
Bronze – Tiana Bryant (AB)
4th– Alicia Kent (SK)
5th– Wendy Marshall (NS)
6th– Sarah Black (QC)
7th– Amy Poirier (NB)
8th– Alaina Wheeler (NL)

56 kg
Gold – Victoria Seal (BC)
Silver – Aleah Nickel (SK)
Bronze – Erin Rainville (QC)
4th– Tawes Messaoudini (AB)
5th– Raquel Vengroff (ON)
6th– Hannah Risser (NS)
7th– Elena Sehic (NB)
8th– Jessica Johnson (MB)
9th– Emma Terry (NL)
10th– Tanya Tugak (NU)

60 kg
Gold – Jade Trolland (BC)
Silver – Makayla Levy (NS)
Bronze – Frankie Gawryluik (SK)
4th– Kirti Saxena (ON)
5th– Sofia Santoro (AB)
6th– Tiakotieronhton Diabo (QC)
7th– Jenna Popowich (MB)

8th– Brooke Sacobie (NB)
9th– Victoria Keefe (PE)
10th– Mackenzie Stone (NL)
11th– Sylvia Kablustiak (NU)

64 kg
Gold – Sara Brinkac (BC)
Silver – Jasmine Thebeau (NB)
Bronze – Nyla Burgess (ON)
4th– Jessica Jenkinson (MB)
5th– Karlyn Shea (PE)
6th– Annie Tulk (NS)
7th– Ken’nikahontesha Norton Montour (QC)
8th– Emily Temple (NL)
9th– Mahalia Adams (NU)

69 kg
Gold – Ana Gonzalez (BC)
Silver – Ellise Daynes (ON)
Bronze – Rachel Evans (SK)
4th– Megan Fendelet (AB)
5th– Madalynn Whalen (NB)
6th– Julianna Murphy (NL)
7th– Savannah MacLachlan (PE)
8th– Jayden Ramgotra (MB)
9th– Kaitlyn Gatza (NS)
10th– Stella McComber (QC)

74 kg
Gold – Dejah Slater (ON)
Silver – Praise Abidemi-Aremu (AB)
Bronze – Hannah Hubley (NS)
4th– Madison Beerenfenger (NB)
5th–Abby Wright (SK)
6th– Marilou Boulanger (QC)
7th– Chantal Hakizimana (MB)
8th– Zoe McDonald (NL)

79 kg
Gold – Shantay Slater (ON)
Silver – Halima Fanta (AB)
Bronze – Lillian Pinay (SK)
4th– Haley Florell (BC)
5th– Mackenzie Carter (NB)
6th– Kaitlyn Morgan (NL)
7th– Mickayla Chapman-Cochrane (MB)
8th– Hannah McPhee (SK)

84 kg
Gold – Jessica Rabet (MB)
Silver – Angel Hiltz-Morrell (NL)
Bronze – Sydney Lewis (ON)
4th– Wenhniseriio:stha Goodleaf (QC)
5th– Jannah Levi-Ward (NB)
6th– Cassie Fischer (AB)
7th– Amanda Silveri (BC)
8th– Tea Racozzi (NS)
9th–Leah Mason (SK)

Male Results

40- 44 kg Male
Gold – Gregor McNeil (ON)
Silver - Ravi Manhas (BC)
Bronze – Christopher Merlo (QC)
4th– Logan Bohle (SK)
5th– Noah Whitty (NB)
6th– Justin Bell (AB)

48 kg Male
Gold –Mateo Anisi (ON)
Silver – Marius Samson (QC)
Bronze – Drake Buechler (SK)
4th– Parmjot Sidhu (BC)
5th –Nathan Quinn (AB)
6th– Jessy Mallet (NB)
7th– Draiden Catbagan (MB)
8th– Drew Hurry (PE)

52 kg Male
Gold – Lachlan McNeil (ON)
Silver – Khaled Aldrar (MB)
Bronze –Kye Mills (BC)
4th– Riley Icton (SK)
5th– Nicholas Adams (NS)
6th– Brady Power (NL)
7th– Jason-Guy Luneau (QC)
8th– Manuel Netser (NU)
9th– Joshua Capicio (AB)

56 kg Male
Gold – Jordan Wong (AB)
Silver – Stone Lewis (ON)
Bronze –Alex Cormier (NB)
4th– Pritpaul Johal (BC)
5th– Nicolae Gandrabura (QC)
6th– Andre Smith (SK)
7th– Elias Wile (NS)
8th– Aaron Pater (NL)
9th– Sam Lockie (MB)

60 kg Male
Gold – Patrik Leder (ON)
Silver – Karan Gill (BC)
Bronze –Natael Lebrun Cantin (QC)
4th– Benjamin Tanton (PE)
5th– Emmanuel Olapade (AB)
6th– Marco Cormier (NB)
7th– Liam Saccary (NS)
8th– Jordan Pitcher (NL)
9th– Iury Garbur (MB)
10th– Kennedy Napayok (NU)

65 kg Male
Gold – Connor McNeice (AB)
Silver – Pierre Arabadjian (ON)
Bronze –Jaskaran Gakhal (BC)
4th– Christian MacDonald (PE)
5th– Branden Benvie (NS)
6th– Adamo Taleghan (NB)
7th– Samuel Rainville (QC)
8th– Owen Gutasfson (SK)
9th– Alexander Tilley (NL)
10th– Simon DePasquale (MB)

70 kg Male
Gold – Adam Scott (ON)
Silver – Magnus McCrackin (AB)
Bronze –Aaron Badovinac (BC)
4th– August Bayliss (SK)
5th– Jaskaran Singh (QC)
6th– Clay Campbell (PE)
7th– Dawson Wylie (NB)
8th– Evan Hopkins (NS)
9th– Colby Street (NL)
10th- Riley Tougas (MB)
11th– Quintin Netser (NU)

76 kg Male
Gold – Adam Thomson (AB)
Silver – Carson Lee (MB)
Bronze – Harbans Gill (BC)
4th –Jesse Heartz (PE)
5th– Alexandre Richer (ON)
6th– Mason Nikbakht (SK)
7th– Issac Acker (NB)
8th– Kye Diabo (QC)
9th– Benjamin Swinimer (NS)
10th– Andrew Hatcher (NL)
11th– Elliot Adams (NU)

85 kg Male
Gold –Julien Chouquette (QC)
Silver – Justin Shannon (NB)
Bronze – Connor Pattison (BC)
4th– Tejvir Boal (ON)
5th– Hunter Smith (AB)
6th– Julian Klinger (SK)
7th– Keelan Salamondra (MB)
8th– Andrew Tucker (NU)
9th– Raymond Hazell (NS)
10th– Joshua Healey (NL)

98 kg Male
Gold – Hunter Lee (MB)
Silver – Kyle Jordon (ON)
Bronze – Austin Shopa (SK)
4th– Arjot Gill (BC)
5th– Thomas Rizk (QC)
6th– Owen Warren (NL)
7th– Peter Waeckerlin (AB)
8th– Corey Steves (NB)
9th– Regan Kenney-Beaver (NS)

120 kg Male
Gold –Christopher O’Toole (NB)
Silver – Stuart Badgley (ON)
Bronze – Tanjot Khalon (BC)
4th– Kyle Steeves (MB)
5th– Ethan Collins (AB)
6th– Kalin Langford (SK)
7th– Jonathan Campagno (QC)
8th– Josh Dyke (NL)