Sport NS Awards

Congratulations to all the members of Wrestling Nova Scotia for winning the Support4Sport Award this year.

Everyone came together, working to make wrestling happen under the restrictions of the pandemic. Many of our athletes, coaches, board members, and officials came together to create evolving strategies that allowed Team NS to train, clubs to have meets, and school Regionals to occur.

In particular, we’d like to highlight Matt Naugler, coach and official, who wrote and continued updating our Return to Play plan.

We also would like to highlight Rory Fraser, Head Team NS Coach, who followed the Return to Play plan and worked diligently with his team to ensure that Team NS was able to train in a safe and secure environment.

And finally, we need to highlight Kim Walsh and Bobbyee Archibald who took the Return to Play plan and designed a safe Return to Compete plan for NSSAF wrestling. Kim hosted the only wrestling tournament in Canada this year when he hosted Western Regionals on March 6th.