2018 Canada East Wrestling Festival

1st place: Muhammad Turagev, Tacari Howe, Madison Charlton (Sprawlers) and Breton Maloney, Colin Briand (Sackville)

2nd place: Brayden Mann (Sprawlers) and Ethan Mullholland, Grayson Nehiley, Rory Fox, Theo Conrad, Julian Briand, Dane Lidstone

3rd place: Usman Arifov (Sprawlers) and Uriah Melanson (Sackville)

In team standings Sprawlers finished in second place in Novice boys and Sackville was third overall in Bantam .

2018 U17/U19 National Championships

U19 Freestyle:
57 kg. National Champion Makayla Levy, MAWC (undefeated in 4 matches; shut-out,12 wrestlers); Juvenile Female Wrestler of the Day

U17 Freestyle:
65 kg. Bronze Medalist Eamonn Dudley-Chubbs, CB Highland (4 Wins 1 loss, 22 wrestlers!)

U19 Freestyle:
80 kg. 4th Hannah Hubley, Sackville/Sheet Harbour (2 Wins 2 losses, 8 wrestlers)

U17 Freestyle:
49 kg. 5th Isabelle Kaulback, Sackville (2 wins 2 losses, 11 wrestlers)

U19 Freestyle Cadet Trials:
57 kg. Makayla Levy will represent Canada at the Pan Ams in Guatemala in May (undefeated in 4 matches)

U19 Greco-Roman:
60 kg. National Champion Liam Saccary, MAWC (undefeated in 4 matches, 9 wrestlers)

U19 Greco-Roman:
57 kg. National Champion Annie Tulk, Sackville (2 wins, 3 wrestlers)

U19 Greco-Roman:
61 kg. Silver medalist Kaitlyn Gatza, Sackville (1 win 1 loss, 3 wrestlers)

U17 Greco-Roman:
46 kg. Silver medalist Autumn Faulkner, Sackville (0 wins, 1 loss, 2 wrestlers)

U17 Greco-Roman:
49 kg. Silver medalist Isabelle Kaulback, Sackville (2 wins, 1 loss, 4 wrestlers)

U19 Greco-Roman:
65 kg. 4th place Elias Wile, MAWC (3 wins, 2 losses, 14 wrestlers)

2017 Matman Classic

2017 Matman Classic Results
Brampton Ontario

Elias Wile, MAWC. 63kg - GOLD
Liam Saccary, MAWC. 63kg - SILVER
Eamonn Dudley-Chubbs, HWC. Cadet 63 kg - BRONZE

2017 Bishop Ryan

2017 Bishop Ryan Results
Hannon, Ontario
December 8, 2017

Congratulations to the NS athletes who are bringing home medals this weekend from the Bishop Ryan tournament in Hamilton, ON!

Elias Wile, MAWC. 64kg - SILVER
Liam Saccary, MAWC. 61kg - SILVER
Eamonn Dudley-Chubbs, HWC. 64kg - BRONZE